Streaming choice

Will there be a choice of others streaming services other than Tidal in the future as I’m sure every DJ has his own preferred site I my self use Deezer and I don’t want to have to pay for the same service twice or have to switch

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It would be great also to be able to connect to an own cloud service with your library (Google Drive, Apple, Dropbox, etc) to access and maintain your library from everywhere. Of course ability to connect to Beatport, SoundCloud etc not only Tidal.

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I agree we all have our own choices when it comes to a streaming services it would be nice if we use our own preference as I have both a Prime4 and a MCX8000 with Virtual DJ I have to subcribe to two services Deezer and Tidal which give me the same service from each at the moment I am still on the three month free promotion on Tidal but I pay for Deezer

I am now huge fan of Tidal and am on his 3 month trial period but not certain to which music quality that give me. Although he sound very good already now.

Tidal gives huge huge retro music tracks not just the current releases who then disappear off line when 6 month old. I used to use Promo only but he is rubbish compare to Tidal as Promo only hold no track older than the 6 months.

yes I like Tidal but Tidal and Deezer look exactly the same I would be quite happy with either one but at the moment I have to use both depending on the equipment I’m using it would nice if I could use just one on both sets of gear

:thinking: hmm… it would be nice to able to connect to any shoutcast/icecast server for livestreaming just with denon hardware :blush:

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I haven’t tried streaming yet as I DJ with my gear at events and even build a little table over a clubs decks to put my prime 5000/1800 over, so I don’t want to keep loading the beta firmware and then loading the old firmware back and forth - there’s gotta be a limit to safe firmware installs right?

Should I go Tidal or wait for one of the other 4 or 5 that already got mentioned?

I’d really like to use the streaming option to access my own 2TB collection at a drive at home if my travelling hard drive went tits up at an event. But 2TB online cloud storage is going to be a touch expensive so maybe it’s a faux idea right from the get go

Soundcloud would outstanding, would be worth getting soundcloud go!

Are you comparing a streaming service to a DJ Pool. Because they serve 2 different purposes.

Promo only is to promote newly released track. And you download what is worth playing (promoting) to your computer. Tidal let’s you stream all songs in their catalog. But get this, if a artist/label cancels their licensing deal with Tidal all that music is gone.

I’ve looked at Promo onlys daily emails of “released today” etc for the last few weeks and nearly every single one of their promo releases is already available on Tidal, either same day, or earlier, than “Promo only”

There’s no longer any “advance” or “get it here first” advantage with track availability, at least it seems that way.

I get what you mean about an artist cancelling their deal with a stream service but that’s where paid for download/purchase services come into play.