Stream with an DN-X600 mixer and OBS

Hi Everyone,

I have a DN-X600 mixer which one I use additionally with an Audio 4 DJ for using it with DVS in Traktor.

The legacy way to do streams with OBS is connect directly an RCA to line-in from master (DN-X600) to PC, and it works…but I get some mass sound that probably if I use USB doesn´t exist.

Well. Trying with USB.

  • I installed Voicemeeter to recognize all ASIO inputs, in this case 7/8 channels that manual says are bus master. I got signal.
  • In OBS I select input signal as Voicemeeter aux input and receive the signal. OK.

The problem is, that signal received in channels 7/8 is extremely low. Although my channels are clipping firsts yellow (0dbs), in voicemeeter it shows -18dbs. And I can´t give more level with master knob (I don´t know why it don´t cause any effect in USB REC level).

That´s my question, how can I give more level to this signal without increase artificially by software?.

Many thanks and regards.

Well it seems this is a historic tradition with Denon equipment…

The same issue exists with the current Prime series. Level when recording is very low, and the same when trying to use the USB audio for streaming. People here have complained about this for a long time, and requested an increase in level - but nothing has changed.

I resorted to using another USB audio interface with my Prime 4.

Thanks for your reply @PKtheDJ

The fact is that it seems that in newer models such as x1600 and x1800 there´s an opcion to increase until +20dbs by hardware directly with a combination of buttons and you can see it in the mixer screen…but in X600 …it seems not available, or at least it doesn´t appears in manual…

Yes, by increasing the gain in the Voicemeeter app. That is the reason the app has gain control on all the inputs. And no, it will not degrade the audio quality since it’s a digital signal.

PS you can use the X600 for DVS without the Audio 4 DJ since Traktor Pro 3 version, they have removed the requirement for certified audio interfaces.

Sure, but I had to use ASIO4ALL because 64bits and Traktor 3…it increased a lot the latency and this is why I decided to use and external Audio 4.

Okey!! thats sounds good, so then I can increase without losting quality…I have to see how can increase more than 12dbs.

Mine is stored away atm but I need to check, I believe the latency was under 10ms.

If this mixer is working on the same ASIO as X1600, then it should go even at 3.7ms - this latency I had on My old Lenovo G580 with Intel core i5 and 12GB RAM in 2013-2014…