Strange Serato Issue SDJ won't play, SDJ Intro works, MIDI Mon looks good

Hopefully I am being dumb here, but for the life of me I can’t determine what is happening with my new MC600MK2.

Let me set the stage. I purchased a Pioneer SB2 last Thursday for a gig on Saturday. I installed Serato on a fresh Win10 installation, using a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga w/ 8gb RAM, 1.8ghz i7-4800U processor. Gig went off solid, but found the SB2 to be too lightweight, and I have never been a fan of sharing EQs etc between two decks, so I returned it and ordered the MC6K based on previous experience w/ Denon stuff.

It came in on Wednesday, and I uninstalled the SB2 drivers and installed the drivers for the MC6K. Hooked it all up, updated FW to 1003, set the default device to the internal card rather than the MC6K, and it seemed like all was going well, but when I started Serato, I experienced a weird behavior. Some of the controls were responsive (I could load tracks, for instance, using the center knob and load buttons, I can see the pots on the FX section controlling the FX params, I can set a cue point, X-fader showed movement onscreen), but when I tried to play a track, adjust a track’s pitch, etc, search with the jog wheel, no joy.

SO, I figure I should check the MIDI to see if anything was getting sent from the platters and the cue/play buttons. MIDI Monitor showed everything was dandy; every button (other than the analog mics) sent MIDI data as expected.

I then loaded and started DJ Intro. In Intro, the buttons work, and so do the platters. So, obviously this is (probably) a Serato issue, but one I haven’t seen.

So, I was told to try 1.9.5. I did a clean re-install of Windows and reinstalled everything, but in the end the same issue happened in 1.9.5…

Video of the debacle is here: (shows the steps above, 2 minutes long).

Here’s the only things I can think of that are “weird.” One, I don’t have any mains hooked up at the moment, just headphones. It shouldn’t matter I’d think, but… Second is when I DL’d Serato with my account I said that I was using the SB2. I can’t imagine that they care which controller is hooked up, but maybe the system checks online to see if the controller originally on my account is the same as what is hooked up? Again, I doubt it, but I am grasping at straws here. This controller feels great, and is priced right, but is useless if the play button can’t be made to work with the full version of SDJ.

Someone, please tell me the “one little trick” that will make my controller work and help me melt away stubborn belly fat!

Sometimes things mean different things in different countries … when you say that you have “no mains” hooked up, do you mean there’s no mains power going into the 6000? In which case, I’d be surprised you’re getting any control whatsoever.

Maybe you mean “no mains” as far as no amplifier/powered speakers connected.

I suspect that your version of Serato is still hung up over the Pioneer somehow. I have a vague recollection that DJ intro “in the box” was locked to the controller model that was in the box. It may be that thsts stopping full functionality

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Yeah, logging into your Serato account and straightening things out there might help. I remember having some similar problems at one point.

Yes, my apologies to folks across the pond; in this case mains refers to master out and booth out not having speakers attached. The unit is powered.

Serato Dj Intro works fine, it’s the full version where tracks won’t play. Pioneer is now 100% out of the equation because the machine was reformatted and reinstalled.

I’ll look into that; it’s the only link left to the old software after the reformat and reinstall.

One thing to drive home: DO intro works, it is the full install of SDJ 1.9.5 that does not. The issues I describe were the same ones as before I reformatted, when I was running 1.9.6.

Also, the laptop had no problems running SDJ with the Pioneer unit, so it isn’t the laptop hardware at fault.

It turned out that this was a DVS issue. Maybe since this device can be used with DVS, int is turned off by default. At first I thought this might mean interface, but as it turns out after reading through the manual it stands for internal. This isn’t something that I clicked on, and on the Pioneer unit I had it was turned on by default so I can only assume hardware tells Serato whether to turn this button on or off when the controller is first loaded.

Since I am not running DVS, and probably won’t add Control vinyl to my set up for a while, I guess I will simply click that INT button and leave it.

I still am not seeing the master volume White Ring turn when I move the master level control on the controller, but because this is sort of a hybrid mixer / controller maybe that’s normal.

The whole idea behind Serato is that controller is plug and play. So effectively after recognizing the controller it should automatically set it so the unit will work in the best way.

But, if it’s working, it’s working!

Yep. Also, Serato support confirmed the white ring does not move when master level knob is turned, so it’s all good now. Practicing on the unit now so I can play out.

When the DVS module is installed, INT gets turned off. Since I had installed Serato trial and it comes with the module, that’s what happened.

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Glad you are up and running. Have fun!