Storage limitations on SD?

Does the Prime Go have any max storage limitations on SD or even USB Key for that matter? I am considering getting 1TB SD etc… I rather have my music collection with me rather than divided amongst usb keys etc… I apologize if the answer is out there as I am new to this community. I have been unable to find the answer in the Quickstart guide available with the Prime Go.

So far 1TB on other Prime devices was not even a smallest issue. But on a SD…? I tried only 64GB so far and it worked. Someone else maybe tried more??

I think I’ve read here that someone tried 256 or 512GB and it was successful.


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Now one could wonder why the anybody would want a 90k+ collection (not to mention what that must have cost to acquire).

If you play 2 gigs a week, 4 hours a gig, with an average of 20 tracks an hour, assuming two weeks of holiday each year, that makes for 11 YEARS of gigging without playing the same track twice."

Being a mobile DJ, I know the importance of having requests (especially in the pre download/streaming/DJ pool era), but even then a couple of 1000 tracks should be enough.

Clearly, every DJ should do what he/she wants and feels he/she needs, far be it from me to judge other DJ’s, it is just something that keeps boggling my mind when I read about these posts asking if a DJ system supports 2 or 3TB of music.

The obvious exception being video playing DJ’s, as video adds up REALLY quickly. But hey, no Prime unit does video (yet).

Just my three cents worth of collection ranting ;-D

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…and about 100 cents per track :wink:

a 256 gb sd card roughly how many songs can it contain?

I’ve got about half that amount, and I’ve been collecting music nearly all my life (so over 50 years). OK I haven’t got an MP3 copy of every single track I own, but even if I had, it would be a stretch to reach almost 100,000 tracks!

I have found that the vast majority of gigs can be completed without me encountering a hole in my collection. Now and again someone will ask for a track I don’t have - but then IMO if I haven’t got it and have never heard of it, what’s the likelihood of it working if I play it?

As for the cost of having that quantity of tracks, there are DJ pools, and there are people who will join a pool and just grab as much as they can, whether they want/need it or not :astonished:

Depends on what type of file you use.

8500 flac’s if they are 30MB a piece, for instance.

85000 128kbps mp3’s if those tracks were ripped from YouTube…

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Thank you all for your valuable responses and advice. I’m a house music type DJ and have collected a few tracks along the way. I personally use aiff files for sound quality. I prefer to not be limited when choosing the next track. :slight_smile:

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