Stop Time Glitch - All Channels stop time affected by one control

Hey guys, Fix this. It’s time. I have had the unit for several months now and I am still experiencing the same issue, where both ‘stop time’ knobs effect all channels. This is not proper operation for this device and now it’s beginning to effect my job. I have waited patiently for several months for an engine/prime update/support for the MCX8000, even sat through the release of the prime series. But it’s getting old now and seriously becoming a limiting factor in my creating process and my DJ process.


Yes, we are waiting and patient…

There are two ‘STOP TIME’ knobs on the mcx8000. My right decks operate properly, however, my left deck is affected by the right side ‘STOP TIME’ knob. HALP! i

Is this when using the 8000 with Engine and a memory stick or as a midi controller for DJ software?

Serato is the software that I am having this problem with.

Are you experiencing this problem on a PC or Mac have you tried re-installing the latest version of Serato?

This issue is on PC. I haven’t reinstalled. I am also wondering why my param buttons appear to work intermittently, they move the loop region if I’m not mistaken, but in serato I’ve seen this only work with smaller than max loop sizes or not at all. I’ll try reinstalling

Ok, I upgraded my serato install from 1.9.5 to 1.9.6. and the issue persisted. Do i need to do a complete reinstall? ie. uninstall then install?

I would suggest completely uninstalling running a cleaning program such as C Cleaner and then reinstalling the latest release version.

Didn’t work. I did uninstall my OS is fresh.