Stock/Third-Party Screen Protectors: Yay or Nay?

Let me preface this thread by stating that I realize this is a bit of a silly question…but better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

Is it ok to leave the SC5000 stock plastic screen protectors on? I’ve kept them as a means of protection from scratches (and my own grimey fingerprints, ha!) since they don’t impede the screen’s functionality at all. That said, I wanted to make sure that this is kosher. If not, do you recommend any third party screen protectors or is best practice to simply clean the screen after each use with a microfiber cloth?

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Not sure, but I think that is essentially packing material :slight_smile:

Definitely avoid any 3rd party screen protectors.

The cleaning cloth which is supplied in the box with each and every SC5000 is ideally suited for cleaning usual day-to-day usage from the screen surface.

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but so? Is it advisable to remove the original screen protector? I also left it at the moment, seeing it does not rule out the operation of the touch

I figured as much. I have a hard time letting go. :laughing:

So are you saying that I should remove the stock screen protector? :sunglasses:

I haven’t…FYI. I’m leaving them on as long as I need to protect my investment. Just today, I got convinced to take the stickers off the platters! They are much more slippery and I miss the grip. So any recommendations about that, I’m all ears.

For optimum performance, you’ll need to take the film off of the platters. The platters utilise capacitive technology and may not perform as intended with the transit film in place.

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I’ll second that. They’re unusable with the film on them. :slight_smile:

I actually like them with the film on them due to that grip…perform pretty well. But despite being a little slippery without the film, they operate perfectly! (Maybe I should tack up my fingers before I play?) I just want to protect this amazing investment. Plan on using them darn near daily for the next 5 to 10 years!

FWIW. I still have not taken the stock screen protector off and only took the platter film off.


Right on, glad they’re able to work for you–I completely get wanting to protect your investment. I would have done the same and kept the film on the platters, but I wasn’t able to get them to respond without using a lot of force–performing a backspin was damn near impossible. Would probably worsen my carpal tunnel after awhile. :laughing:


Wish i had a pair of Decksavers already.

I have the Decksavers already but the 2nd SC and the X will arrive Thursday or Friday. :joy:

Ha, I went through the same thing: pre-ordered both ended up getting my Decksavers before everything else. Talk about a tease! :laughing:

Gear4music had them in stock and it took a few days to arrive in Holland. Native Bax Music would have taken several weeks…

The rest of my Prime set are waiting for me, but I had to wait for cashhhh. :wink: Tomorrow will be the day!

As a newby I still cannot post in topic “show your booth”, but that will come eventually.

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Decksavers are Great got two for my xdjs.

I left the film on the platter and screen for a few days after purchase because I thought why should I, I’d rather keep them protected. Then I started to get frustrated because I couldn’t manipulate the track in ways that seem would to be intuitive (i’m a digital virgin). After going against all my instincts I then started reading the instructions and learning about the vinyl mode, it then dawned on me that they were capacitive and should recognise my touch, whipped the film off then hey presto, the platters worked as i imagined they should. I felt pretty stupid but this is all new to me after coming from 1210’s. That said though, why does the platter with film not register touch yet the screen still works with the film on? The screen film is staying on as long as possible. Are there afternarket protectors available for the sc5000? I can see a market and money to be made…

The two areas (Platter and Screen) use two different touch technologies - after all, the screen needs to sense exactly where you’re touching, how many fingers are making contact, and gesture recognition - all while still being see-through. The platter, on the other hand, doesn’t need to know where you touched its top surface, or how many fingers you touched the top surface with etc.

The platter is capacitive. Have you ever touched the phono/RCA sockets on the back of a mixer, while you had the faders and volume up and seen a flicker on the channel LEDs ? but when you took your fingers away from the mixer connections the LEDs faded away? It’s a similar principle.

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Top explaination, cheers.