Still no Serato DJ Support in 1.9.9?

Serato 1.9.9 is out and still no support for the Denon 5000? I am frustrated because I have had these for 5 months sitting in a room and can not use them. Please do not post “you can use them with a USB drive”…No I can not. If I would have known it would take this long for Serato support I would have waited to purchase then then let 5+ months of warranty slip away. I am a life long Denon user but this is extremely frustrating seeing other products just announced receive support just a month or so after launch. Any ETA? First we her middle of July then August and not we are middle of October. Any info would be appreciated.

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These players are primarily for standalone use. That’s what they were marketed as along with their supporting software Engine Prime.

I know everyone has different requirements of course but Denon have other products (MC7000 etc.) specifically made for midi control only.

Buying a prime setup exclusively for Serato use is like buying a Porsche and driving it at 40 everywhere in my humble opinion. Maybe you invested in the wrong product.


I already own an MCX8000. These are marketed as BOTH a stand alone player and Serato DJ controller. Did you happen to see the Serato Logo on EVERTHING they used for advertising. You personally might be able to play a set off USB drives but a true open format DJ that does not pre plan sets and does things on the fly can not. Without a keyboard to search tracks, a larger screen and a proper crate system it is next impossible to pull off. I purchased these to replace my aging 3900’s. The hot cues alone are worth the investment.

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porta ancora un po’ di pazienza, io credo che nella release 2.0 tutto si sistemerà. Già hanno reso la possibilità di manovrarli come controllers dopo l’aggiornamento firmware per Serato. Denon ha fatto la sua parte, ora tocca solo a Serato.

Still brings some patience, I believe in release 2.0 everything will settle down. They have already made it possible to maneuver them as controllers after firmware update for Serato. Denon has done his part, now it’s just over to Serato.

Your frustration about the time needed for SDJ support is understandable. But we as users don’t know how much work there is behind the scenes.

Same as Pioneer nxs2 gear, the delay is probably in part caused by the manufacturer’s desire to “force” users to use it standalone at first and in part by various schedule issues (“lets wait for the first firmware update” by Serato team and such).

What is not understandable is your argument that you are not able to use it for x months and your warranty is expiring. That is entirely on you. Nobody forced you, you could have waited, this gear is not some limited edition.


with the crucial difference that all these devices come with an included mixer. but ScottCampbell wants to replace his 3900s which are likely part of a modular setup.

sure, it’s possible to use a device like the 7000 for midi controlling the decks only without touching the built in mixer but that’d be slighty odd :stuck_out_tongue: not to mention the possible space problems because you can’t separate the left and right half :crazy_face:

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Having the Serato badge plastered all over the marketing materials and almost 5 months after being released and 10 months after being announced I was just thinking support would have been a little more timely. I know it takes time for Serato to do their part but this is just way longer then I expected.

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completely agree. the way it was presented made you think it’d pop up pretty much right away or at least very shortly after the release. this is particularly annoying if you see that much lower level stuff gets supported very quickly.

I agree with you, but obviously I think there is a valid reason for this delay, unknown to us.

sure but that doesn’t make it better :yum:

My 2 cents: Probably because the command translation is new. “Lower stuff that are supported very quickly” are based on the higher-end counterparts with the same HID commands.

I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t hear anybody complaining about the so-called hires oled screen. Okay not really on the same level, but my X1800 certainly does not look like the marketing render and box it was delivered in… :wink:

that’s different. it’s one thing to have shiny marketing pics but this is about having something or not at all.

It certainly is different. Serato support will come, but the hires oled screens will not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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well it does have a display even if it’s not as fancy as on the pics. serato support tho is not (yet) available at all.

For me, DenonDJ should focus on EnginePrime plus conversion, support for controllers that are already on the market and the development of newer/cheaper machines to push the platform.

Serato should focus on the complaints is this topic. The mixer is ready. The software is not.

it’s coming! Video and pictures of the setup at the BL Lab are appearing!


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any links? (20 chars)

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