To help identify and manage reports, we’ve implemented a topic tagging prefix bracket system. This will help identify the current status of each report and indicate if further action or information is needed from the reporter to help reproduce the behavior.

Once a report has been reviewed, or the status has changed, Denon DJ Staff will amend the topic title of the post with one of the following bracketed prefixes.

  • [UNDER REVIEW] Acknowledged by Denon DJ staff and under investigation.
  • [MORE INFO REQUIRED] Reviewed by Denon DJ staff but requires more information from reporter.
  • [CONFIRMED] Denon DJ staff investigation has confirmed the report.
  • [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] Report is not a bug but expected behavior based on specification.
  • [RESOLVED] Issue has been resolved and should be retested with latest build.
  • [FEATURE REQUEST] Report is a feature request.

Note: Changing status from [CONFIRMED] to [RESOLVED] only occurs when a new beta build version is available for testing.

The bracketing prefix should only be added/changed by Denon DJ staff.