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Is it possible at all to add star ratings to tracks from the players? Instead of doing it from the engine software.


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No. It’s a feature request that few users have voted to have.

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I’m hoping that a lot of the “engine prime only” qwerty and other input things will make it over to players in this years firmware update, or next years. Note to denon though… I’m retiring in 25 years so hurry it up pleeeeAse. Start picking up the pace on these hopelessly flappy firmware updates.

Star input rating (more than just 5 though), naming cue hot pads, naming loops, editing tags, the whole range of input things please using the onscreen qwerty. Yes please.

Can we make the “search” icon on the forum, about 4 times the current size too

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I really hope they keep Star Ratings at 5, because otherwise it would make converting a nightmare :wink: And +1 on the Star Ratings setting on the players.


Thanks for all the replies. I’ve only had the players for a few days so just getting used to them. When adding all my tracks to the players I realised I now have loads of tracks on memory stick and no easy way to sift through the rubbish.heres hoping they bring it in for us all. Still well happy with the system though just getting the little things right to make them perfect.

It’s simple enough to convert from a legacy rating of 0 to 5 into more defined, modern rating. For conversion just double it… a crap track of 0 stars doubles to zero a great track of 5 stars doubles to 10. A middle track with 3 stars gets doubles to 6.

Denon Prime users would get the benefit of rating tracks at all those odd numbers of stars 9, 7, 5, 3 etc

Come the year 2200 Are tracks still only going to be crippled into 1,2,3,4 or 5 ? Who better to make that change than Denon ? No-one as everyone else is still crippled in 12345 land.

Down conversion wouldn’t convert quite so well - as 7 stars can’t become 3.5 stars - but a little integer wont hurt no one


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Since we are talking about setting ratings on the player, I mean converting stars back to the original collection (Traktor in my case). My tools are prepared to convert the stars back. They can already convert cues/loops set on the player back to Traktor (and other DJ software).

BTW not very well known to some, iTunes already got a “10 step” rating with an “outlined” star representing a half point and a filled star a full point.

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Even without the spam, I’d don’t think denon should a get stuck with the lowest common denominator of 5 for evermore, just because other software or databases thought that 5 would be enough to distinguish forever.

Whether denon go with a odd outline/filled in copy of iTunes or simply a numeric rating of 1, 2, … 9, 10 etc to save space, Denon definitely shouldn’t get stuck in the rut of just 5 little stars

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