Standalone mode reliability

Whats the longest people have used the mcx standalone? im a bit wary of doing more than a couple hours ,it was the main purpose of buying the unit so i didnt always have to bring a laptop

It’s been fine since the 2.0 firmware was released.

Assuming your unit doesn’t have the hardware screen freeze issue and you are using a good quality SSD or pen drive then there shouldn’t be any issues with playing for extended periods.

I have done over 4 hours with no issues whatsoever.

Yh i did have a freeze at one point but turned out i had a currupted file and had to switch off and on again and i have the screens on mid setting so hopefully i can do a night with it :-I

There are software errors in standalone mode. waiting for software bug fixes.

Can you share what you think the errors are?

I’ve written on topics.