Standalone issue - Hot Cues/Waveform/BPM incorrect when loading from Prepare List

I am having a some really big issues when loading tracks from the Prepare Crate in Standalone mode.

I’ve been using my 8000 at weekly gigs for over a year exclusively in Standalone mode, and the biggest issues I come across are when using the Prepare Crate feature which is something I use a lot (some of these have been documented in one of my previous posts, such as the Prepare list listing several instances of the same track).

These are issues that I run into time and time again…

  • Once I load a track from the Prepare list I often find that the incorrect waveform is displayed.

  • Sometimes the wrong cue points/hot cues are loaded up, sometimes the cue points/hot cues from a track that is playing on the other deck load up instead of the cue points that were previously set on the track.

  • I have even had instances where I change/set hot cues on a track I’ve just loaded from the Prepare list, and then see my actions being mirrored on the other deck where a track is already playing.

  • The ‘current’ bpm is often different from the ‘original’ bpm when the pitch controller is set to zero, how can this be!? (the larger bpm that shows on the display is completely different to the smaller bpm lifted from the metadata).

I’ve been waiting for the next firmware update with the hope that these issues are going to be resolved. And I haven’t seen any other users report similar problems on the forum.

I suppose my big question to the Denon staff is - are you aware of these issues, and if so, are they currently being addressed?

I love my 8000, it’s completely revitalised my Djing, and I hope that one day soon, it will work flawlessly…

So I’d like to ask the Denon DJ staff again -

Is the development team aware of this issue? Is this issue being addressed?


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Still no response from anyone at Denon…

All I’m asking is for confirmation that this issue is being addressed. Come on, it’s been weeks since the original post and I’m getting increasingly frustrated.