Standalone DVS w/sc5000m+x1800

This seems like it would have been discussed a million times. I could not find anything pointing to it. So: Are we going to get native (no computer/serato) DVS mode with the x1800+sc5000m?

I really do not want to have a computer with me.

How do you anticipate this will work?

Just curious.

Will the analogue TTs be connected to the players or the mixer?

I would think they would have to become layer 2 on the players… can’t really think of a way for them to work off the x1800 directly. And honestly, while technically possible… it would probably be more trouble than it is worth to the developers. I would love it… and probably 8 other people. :slight_smile:

Aren’t the 5000m’s already a stand-alone dvs in the box if you don’t want to use computer or laptop? That’s the best you’re gonna get.