Stand for Prime GO

I’d like to recommend a laptop stand that I got for my Prime GO.

I saw it mentioned on a Digital DJ Tips video. Really handy and portable.

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Very neat stand. I have and its great.

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I have this: Conpro Supporto Ventilato PC Portatile, Supporto Notebook Alluminio, Laptop Stand, Supporto Laptop Regolabile, Accessori per MacBook, dell, Lenovo, HP, Tablet, Altri Laptop (10-18 Pollici): Elettronica

Nice! That one looks even better!

Hi members.

Just bought the prime go. I have this stand:

Adam Hall Stands SLT 003

Originally it’s a laptop stand. Perfect for the GO. You can also tilt the plate for better view.


This works and fits perfectly, plus it’s super stable.

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