StageLinQ / TimeCode


This is the area for all discussions regarding Denon DJ’s Stagelinq protocol, its integration and partnership with SoundSwitch, Resolume and TimeCode software.


Finally! I always wondered what was the point of the StageLinq entry on my MCX, as there was no information at all on this, even from Denon seller in my country… So, first question first, will it be avaible for the “old” hardware, such as my MCX8000? Or will it concern only the new gear from Denon?


Are we ever going to be able to use the Stagelinq port on the MCX8000? If there is setup information available, please share. It that you purchase equipment to take advantage of all its features but can’t find information anywhere from DenonDJ.


I find it reassuring that the same Stagelinq socket is on the back of the mcx 8000 as is on the back of the dn x1800 prime mixer.

This was surely never going to be as direct as plugging some dmx lighting scanner straight into the MCX. It surely wasn’t going to be us DJs hoping to save £200 on a dmx lighting controller and making their lights move around using the sliders on their mixer or midi controller.

I’m thinking that both the 8000 and the 1800 send their signals to a computer that’s running the Stagelinq/blcbox software at £15 a month etc then steps through whatever lighting programs you’ve made on the computer, probably with everything stepping through using beatgrids.

If so, that could mean that DJs could use this, like I would on my mobile DJing, with no initial outlay of £300 for any little magic box. Maybe / I’m just guessing