Stagelinq protocol API


Does anyone know if there is a developer API available for Stagelinq? I have been live streaming sets using OBS for quite a long time, and it would be fantastic to be able to get the now playing information from the denon players in order to create a “now playing” widget for live streaming. I have experimented with some cloud based recognition API’s, however these are generally paid for solutions based on a quota which is a little overkill for this use case.

I know the data is sent, as it is visible in Resolume, however I haven’t come across anything as yet that would let me tap into the data being passed around.

If there is no currently available API, are there any plans to release one?

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What’s up @crimsonsimon,

I don’t think it’s available but I think it’s a great idea and I encourage you to submit it as a feature request. Not sure how much data is communicated via the Stagelinq connect or it’s expandability/limitations.

This would be a great request for both Rekorbox and Serato as I know that these software already capture playlist information.

I wonder if adapting one of the open source Pioneer DJ Link apps to see if there is any data sent?

Python ProDJ Link: beat-link:

It would be interesting to see what is captured from the Link ports.

Same here. A feature like this would be very exciting.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies on this one. I think I will pop it in as a feature request. It would certainly be well used from my perspective for live streaming!! There are a lot of OBS solutions out there for serato and virtual DJ that I have noticed, and some for VLC and other players, but nothing yet that can tap into the data sent through Pioneer or Denon’s proprietary protocols.

I may have a look through wireshark to see if there is anything in there I can pick out, but it would certainly be nice if an official API was released for us to develop against as they have for Resolume and Soundswitch.

@crimsonsimon I doubt they would release it to the general public, but it must exist as it’s been used by the companies you mention. Serato and Atomix also used a Denon API to add support to their DJ software.

Have you contacted anyone at Denon? If you’re a developer and meet their requirements then presumably they would work with you.