StagelinQ and USB connections help


First topic, so forgive me for sounding stupid.

I currently (like most all users) connect my controller to my computer (macbook pro mid 2012 13") VIA USB. my question is: can the StagelinQ port on the controller (ethernet port) be plugged into my computer’s ethernet port VIA ethernet patch cable instead of using USB?

If not, is there any benefits for StagelinQ that I’m missing? On the computer? Easy dmx lighting?

I feel as if ethernet would be much faster than usb. Thanks for the time!!



Bonjour, Pas de réponse mais une question de plus, peut on connecter le mcx8000 à un routeur wifi et faire communiquer un iPad en mode engine? Merci Samuel


Je pense que sur un forum US c’est plus simple de parler anglais


Hi @djcorey. It’s @DenonDJCorey :slight_smile:

The Stagelinq port is only for communicating with lighting software like Timecode. This video sums it up nicely:

I’m sure we’ll see integrations with other software coming, but for now there is no way to use it in place of a USB port.


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