Stagelink (ethernet) port affects Tidal connection using wifi

  • Product: Prime 4

  • **Beta Version:**1.4 v2

  • **Steps to Reproduce:**Connect stage link (ethernet port) to computer for use with Soundswitch. Connect wifi to a wireless network. Open up Tidal.

  • **Expected Result:**Tidal should establish a connection & work normally.

  • **Actual Result:**Tidal is unable to establish a connection.

  • **Reproducibility:**5/5

  • **Additional Notes:**If after doing the steps above, you disconnect the stage link port, then Tidal is able to establish a connection without any problems. If you connect to a wifi network and establish a Tidal connection first. Then connect the stagelink port to your computer, it seems to operate correctly. Although I find Soundswitch doesn’t see the P4 on first attempt & a SS restart is required before all works well.

  • Link to Video Repro: