Stage linq with serato dj pro and video

I’d like to how to make the connections to play videos with the stage linq feature. Is any dj out there djing with videos with the MCX8000 and serato dj pro? Please let me know.

The Stagelinq software ( starts from $24 per month, but wouldnt be needed just to play videos from Serato DJ Pro.

If you’re already using Seraro DJ Pro, then you’d just need the Serato Video add on pack.

ok great thanks for the info.

now how do I make the connections to view video on the screens in a bar?

Basically, just a cable. If the laptop/computer has [HDMI out] and the venue that you’re playing at has a video distribution system eg: Plug into one HDMI socket and all 12 screens in the venue get the same signal, then you should be good.

Although test the video connections first, some venues present the most interesting challenges…

Yeah, I will back this up. HDMI out should be simple, but some venues use a range of older technologies coupled with differing screen resolutions and it can be a complete mess. Not your fault though…

My computer is a 17” macbook 2011 model which doesnt have hdmi. It just has 3 usb ports a firewire port. A thunderbolt port. And ethernet port.

Well… I suspect that there’s a few USB to hdmi adaptors, but you’d probably want to keep usbs spare and available for other things.

So, I think that you might want to go Thunderbolt to HDMI.

Does your 2011 MBP have a dedicated GPU?

You need to buy the Serato Video or Mixemergency video plug.

Like @Gee_DenonDJ said…each venue presents a different challenge when it comes to connecting to the screens.

I’m using mac too for sets on a stage, but it all kinda depends. The venue can be tough as ■■■■ and there’s nothing to do with that. I know agency that provides just gorgeous tech supplies, But this is the only one good experience.