Stacked Waveforms for SC5000 and SC5000M

Hi there,

I think it would be great if we could have stacked waveforms in the SC5000/m so we could see both tracks stacked Serato style and see where you at in beat grid on both tracks stacked in the top of each other just like in the Prime 4 that would help to see the beatgrid positions easily and would help immensely.

I hole this feature gets added as would help greatly to most users.


Hello @kooliom, and thank you for contributing to our Feature Request section! We’d like to ask you to edit/resubmit this request by answering the questions set in place when creating a new feature request topic. These questions are asked so that our Development Team has a full understanding of the request if/when considered for integration and so that other forum members can have that same level of understanding; allowing them to vote upon your request for approval. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

I think the questions are clearly answer that the feature requested helps other to have a better use of the player, would be use most of the time and most users would benefit from the feature

It might be that someone has already asked for this feature , so you can just vote like on their request form instead of troubling to create your own request form

Without a request form it won’t get looked at or voted for

Already requested here @kooliom

Dual waveform view

If this was added I honestly wouldn’t mind. Training wheels are good for those who need it, as long as the option to remove them is there