SSD For Prime 4? Any Recommended Brand?

I have never used a SSD card before, any particular ‘brand’ you would recommend for the Prime 4? (so many choices out there!) I’m interested in smaller sizes 120 GB to 250 GB

Thanks! #MrWorldFAMOUS

I’ve been looking and while the Samsung drives look great, there seems no point in going for the extra speed offered by the T5 range, when Prime hardware seems to match the T3 drive specs perfectly.

Besides, fast is fast

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That makes allot of sense, so I look for a T3 speed? (I plan to goto Walmart, I don’t know what brands they carry) But that helps allot and I agree with you! :grin:

When using an external SSD, I would still recommend the T5. Certainly when hooked up to a computer with Engine Prime.

When using an internal SSD, I would go for anything like a Samsung 860EVO etc.

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Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD works fine with the SC5000M

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Go for crucial or samsung

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I was looking at the Sandisk SSD PLUS 240 GB at best buy, worth it?

See no reason why it should not on paper.

I am referring to the one that you plug into the bottom of the prime 4, are we talking about the same thing?

Yes. That would be the internal SATA one.

So simply go for a known brand. Samsung, Crucial, SanDisk, all good. Initialize as MBR and format as ExFAT.

The mentioned T3 or T5 is an external usb3 SSD.

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Ohhh thank you, I am learning. I just want to put a hard drive in it, and just work!

Actually the best quality/price choice on amazon France is the Crucial CT240BX500SSD1 (SSD, 240 Go, 3D NAND, SATA, 2,5") at a very low cost

Thank you, I am going to look that up

Samsung T5 a waste on Prime, T3 will go as fast as the primes will go.

A computer he could make use of the extra speed of T5 but only if computer has the usb 3.1 or higher rather than just 2.0 or 3.0 the usb

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That makes sense.

Does anyone know if the P4 supports sata 3?


I use a Samsung T5 SSD with 500GB here. Enough Space for Music and still very fast on the PC also on Prime too, can recommend it and the Price is very fair, so take one, and trush me you will be happy with it!

Best regards and greetings from Austria


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