Spotify Integration!


There’s always some complaining, but its the name of the game. :joy: Hire a juke-box then.


Well this is always going to be a divisive topic.

There are DJs with the attitude of I will play what I want and nothing more and others who are more open to being flexible with their clients.

It is getting harder to purchase physical music as the industry is moving towards streaming so it will happen at some point anyway.

How many people drive a car to work and how many still ride a horse?


Most clients don’t know what they want. They hire you to do that. The caterer does the same; they take this task away from the client, planning upfront what will be served that night.

Most of my DJ friends do weddings and parties. You always do a pre-party meeting with them. There are clients who want an exact list played at their wedding, because “it’s their music taste”. Most of them sway from that list, because nobody’s dancing to that. The DJ will take over and make it a night to remember.

But yeah, if a DJ needs to be sooo flexible because aunt May wants to hear something you don’t have with you, streaming would be fine. And if a drink is not available, the caterer will fetch it during the night of course…


Thank you. All I’m saying is some DJs want that feature. Not just for request but just to have access to music we want to play


I play for the customers, not for myself, but they (most of the times) do understand why I dont just hook a Phone to my mixer. I have like +60K tracks on my usb atm, and that covers alot.


Might i add that the soundquality of most streaming is below par.


Tidal has Hi Res option.

Just saying.


No problems using Deezer with VDJ and the MCX8000 on a full Bose F1 system.

Sounds just fine.


Well i am a mogul who still buys cd’s… I dont like streaming. And i dont support the use of it for dj purposes. If u guys do so, more power to you but i am not a fan of integration in our setup. I also like to drive my own car. With manual shiftstick.


There are still DJs who won’t connect their gig machine to the internet in case they get a virus.

Each to their own, but they can’t stop the world turning or technology advancing.

But in all fairness Denon have a hell of a lot of basic things to work on first, and the speed they develop at probably means this would be way off in the future if ever.


Spotify integration would only benefit the sales and capability of the product, so to those who don’t care for it, I am not sure why you like to argue it in any way that you can think of.

Some of you want to use Serato or Traktor with the players, where some don’t, but you don’t see that group sharing their negative opinion and asking not to have it (Serato & Traktor integration).

Some third party integrations would benefit the product and increase sales for Denon. This might be one of them. IF it’s made available and you don’t like it, don’t use it; just like the sync button you all have!


Some are perhaps not so much against the feature, but more against the idea.


The feature itself might actually be interesting to audition certain tracks at home, maybe. But in my humble opinion, the use of it goes against our craft. It should not be about having any request available but about good preparation, so one can adapt to different needs of a gig. To know your tracks. And how to use them. And get the basis right first and foremost.


I bet, some day, somewhere, the same sort of arguments were made about the sync button.

Years from now, a DJ’s library may just be cloud based. Look where we were, and where we’ve come.

Gotta learn to move forward with the times and adapt. It’s inevitable.


You are probably right. Still dont like it. Would like a flying car… Or a hooverboard.


FWIW I understand where you’re coming from :slight_smile:


There is Spotify integration - just hook the laptop via an R&W to the headphone jack on your laptop and into one of the channels on your Prime. Job done!! Yes you can’t mix it, but if every track in a night comes off Spotify, then stop pretending you are a DJ. If the odd track comes from it, then just mix in with whatever else is in your library.

When I’m in a club, I would never, ever, entertain the idea of Spotify; I’m hired for my skills of track selection and mixing. If i do the odd party (and so I’m in support of the open format/occasion DJs here), then requests are a massive part of what you do, and from time to time the request might not have been something you’d considered, but might help get the dance floor rocking. Go for it.