Spotify integration in Prime Series

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? With the activation of the streaming services on the Prime Series it would be great to support Spotify too

  • How will this feature help you and others? Spotify has much more music possibilities for the allround dj’s among is.

  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? It’s available on Algorithm DJay Pro software for a long time

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Nope. Unless you use an iPad on an aux input. But better is to load the tracks directly into one of the 4 decks so you can actualy use the music in a live mix

  • How often would you use this feature? Very often. As said; i am an allround dj and play numerous of different events. I cannot have all the music so I have to use Spotify for some songs I don’t own at the moment. That’s like every gig

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add? Well … i know that DJay Pro software loads the songs fully into a deck. It would be nice to load a selected song into a buffer so it doesn’t actualy live stream it when it is played. Like a pre-buffer per song.


Unless Spotify has changed their policies a heck of a lot, the weak cover versions of proper songs is too offputting. I terminated my home premium Spotify account after several months of home use because of them using non-original artists and session singers.

But if Spotify are only using original artists and original recordings now, then let’s get them added to the Prime online stand alone lists, as long as Spotify don’t stamp any restrictions about their services not being for public use.

I don’t share your experience on that. I use Spotify mostly for local Dutch music. Spotify is awesome for that!

I tried Tidal and all other streaming services but they lack local music unfortunatly.

Maybe there are others who share my Spotify wish?

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Spotify is not for use at gigs. So this is pointless until they change that policy

Policy can be changed. Subscriptions can be adjusted or added. There is nothing wrong investigating the possibilities. Algorythm did it too, so why not?

Other software have not been able to implement this as well.

I think virtual DJ did for a brief time but they removed it.

The rumour is that Algoridim have a grandfathered agreement with spotify hence they are allowed to support it.

But like you said…never say never. It’s all down to money.

If spotify-denon agrees to this launch out with a pro dj plan and charges €200/month …how will you feel about that.

Just curious as to what are you willing to pay…

Let’s turn it…

I believe that Spotify integration can boost the Prime4 sales for all those allround party dj’s out there. Every DJ I know uses Spotify for a backup / song-request database. You never can be 100% up to date with the owned collection.

The supported streaming services right now on the Prime4 are not as good as Spotify because they lack local music.

And for answering your question; 200,- a month would be absurd offcourse because with streaming you don’t own the music. But I’m very positive the DJ industry and Spotify could be hand-in-hand bbf’s :couple:

No other DJ software has Spotify.

Algoridim djay appears to be an outlier.

The rumour was that Algoridim djay had an agreement before spotify became big.

They may have invested in Spotify in spotify’s earlier days…who knows.

But spotify is currently not giving any other DJ software permission to use it.

Not even the market leaders …Serato, Rekordbox

I’m not against the request for spotify. it’s what I subscribe to for my personal listening and digging as well.

I know I know. They SHOULD! But that’s another story. Someone has to make some noise at Spotify HQ. When it’s me alone; nothing is going to change. When it’s Denon… who knows what happens. When it’s Denon, Traktor, Serato and Pioneer combined…

I only can make my request here at the forum and hoping that the dj comunity stands with me. Not looking at the current policy issues but just as a request. When there are enough people who share my wish who knows what will happen.


You may need to start a thread there as well

Spotify would be great on the Prime 4, especially for Zone 2 output. Works great in Djay Pro on the Mac, would love to see the same feature here.

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I did some MIDI mapping in Algoriddim djay Pro 2 for DENON DJ PRIME 4 for those who cant wait for the Spotify integration.

Just for deck 1 and 2. Most functions are mapped. The dry/wet knop is applied to all 3 FX Loop button initially autoloops 4 bars

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Hi @jeroenduller, I try your MIDI mapping

and unfortunately didn’t work. Try to use DEMO of Algoriddim and simply move your file to the folder MIDI Mapping a replace spaces with “%20”. My P4 is connected via USB . Can you help me with this? Thanks :smirk:

You are doing the right thing. Is anything working, or nothing? If you modify the Controll Surface mapping, do you see any mappings? I made the mapping on Djay Pro 2 for MAC, maybe that’s different, i dont know. On a mac we just double click the mapping file to install. Did you try that?

It’s not hard to do, just a lot of time :wink: But works like a charm at my side.

@jeroenduller Only sound is working…If I start the Djay Pro, I will see this screen:

If I click OK, then I’ll see this:

So no mappings there. I use Windows 10, maybe it will be different. If I double click on the mapping file (your file), the file isn’t associated with any program, so the file doesn’t open…

On the other hand, it doesn’t bother me at all because I can’t use P4 with songs on the hard drive and Algoriddim at the same time :slight_smile:

strange. then you have to do the mapping yourself. just touch knobs and assign functions to it. easy peasy.

If you have build in a harddrive in your P4, that drive will be mounted on your pc when connected to USB and P4 is in controller mode. So you can use your tracks on the harddrive as well as Spotify in Algoriddim.

Once they finally implement the Tidal integration, there is a web program called Soundiiz, you can transfer all of your Spotify playlist to Tidal

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Cool :upside_down_face: Every solution like this is bypassing Spotify, but it can be works! :slight_smile: Unfortunately Tidal is almost once more expensive than Spotify and for example doesn’t exist family premium account…so that’s a little pity.