Spotify Drops 'Loudness Target' - what does it mean to DJ/Producers?

A very interesting article for DJ/Producers that should help your mixes sound better without having to go into battle constantly in the ‘Loudness Wars’!

Spotify/Loudness Wars - click for full article

This paragraph stood out the most for me:

“Why is this an issue? Streaming through, or from, a mobile device is how most of your audience will engage with your music outside of Live/DJ sets, so optimising for streaming makes sense. Crucially, it is more beneficial to have a dynamic track turned up than to have a loud, compressed track turned down, so mixing and mastering above -14 LUFS for online audio is not a great idea. It will get turned down, converted along the way, and possibly hit limiters (of questionable fidelity) on those systems, further degrading your sound”