Split cueing, optimal settings?

Not trying to blow up the forums on here but I can’t play my monitors at night and I still want to practice in my apartment so I wanted to ask anyone who knows what’s the best way to split cue the settings?

Like should I have both cues on, 1 cue on, pan in the middle? I’ve been messing around with this because my last mixer didn’t even have this option lol :joy:

I’m sure someone has messed with this before, lemme know;) and shoutouts to lostinsound for the good tips on recording

Welcome - With the Split Cue option enabled, you’ll hear what the audience is hearing in your right headphone earpiece. When you press any Cue button, you’ll hear that channels sound in your left ear.

If the Cue Mix knob on the 4000 is in the centre (12 o’clock) position, you should hear the two different sounds at roughly the same level. If not, or with personal preference, adjust the Cue Mix knob to make one sound, or the other, louder in your headphones.

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Thanks gee, you know usually when you have “el cheapo” type mixers like I did in the past, we don’t have all this sophistication :joy:

I mean I can do with it with a speaker ok, but I’m trying to get used to all the features on this thang;) Thanks for the tip!

Split cue used to be pretty standard on lots of regular DJ mixers back in the day and even today lots of better mixer will have this feature. On controllers however this feature has gone missing from just about all brands, except … you guessed it … DENON !

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3 and 3 baby! That’s my sweet spot!

So I did some experimentation and don’t know if this will help anyone out…

but going 3 and 3 with the volume going up 3 dots from the MIN ( MIN dot counting as 1 dot) and 3 dots going up from the cue ( CUE counting as 1 dot) and having the orange CUE on the track your wanting to mix and the other orange CUE off works for my brain.

Yeah it don’t take me long I’m a pretty persistent individual, so to me this sounds like a gig in your headphones :headphones:. Hopefully I’ve passed on something useful instead of asking asking asking :joy:

I wanted to upload a pic but says I can’t. Shoutouts to G and Vintage for the responses. :v:

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I’m using seinheiser hd 280 pros for this if anyone wants to know.