Spilled alot, hardware to trash?

Hi guys, Yesterday night my unit got spilled with half liter of long drink, i switched fast to youtube in the bar’s sound system and switched off the unit, turned it and let the liquids out. What to do now? I am waiting for the bar’s insurance to cover the costs of everything but, my question is… Should i just send the unit to change the electric board inside or should i buy a brand new unit. I have an old traktor kontrol s2 to use while waiting service or the new piece to arrive.

Please help… does anyone know the prices of all the electronics inside, and if do it that way, is it still reliable to use in clubs?

Thank and peace

A litre? Ouwch What was the liquid ?

If it was plain water and the mcx was switched off before any liquid started joining together components that ain’t supposed to be joined up, then you might get away with leaving it switched off completely and unplugged for a few days , changing the angle of storage every day or so.

I would suggest the old trick of putting the mcx in a bag with loads of rice and sealing the bag to let the rice soak up all the moisture but their aunt a bag that big!

If the liquid was anything with sugars in it, like juice, soda or alcohol then I’d suggest that the mcx will never recover properly as the sugars corrode the board and solder slowly and continuously, even when dry.

Hi Anderson, Thank you for your reply. Actually the drink was jameson and coke… so i suppose there is nothing to do other than open it and replace the whole electric board. Just before i switched off the unit, the led light already started blinking on the right deck, so by now the board is dead i guess:(

Hi @dj_markic - sorry to hear about what happened to your equipment! DJ’s worst nightmare that is! We would recommend buying a new controller if the bar will cover the costs. I think you’ll just have continued trouble if you try fix it / replace parts.

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Thank you Chloe, Yes the pub owner will cover the costs of a brand new controller this week, because the guy who spilled was the waiter himself so… that’s the way to go. Thanks for letting me know that replacing the chip board is long term pointless.

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While it is - theoretically - possible to cleanse the board with clean, lukewarm water (after opening it up) and a soft brush and then letting it air-dry (don’t use a hairdryer or anything), preferably hanging from one of it’s sides and - as S_Anderson said - rotate it from time to time, it’s a last resort kinda thing that doesn’t work more often than it does and is something I have only attempted with gear branded as “lost”. I think I was succesful maybe once or twice (once a smartphone and once a discman I think), but usually don’t bother anymore.