spare parts mcx 8000



Hello, I write as a long-time customer. My problem is that at my mcx8000 my pith potentiometer broke. I have it lingered in a denon authorized service at Prodance in Prague, where I have been ordered for two months and still nothing, Denon has no stock and will not be long. The McX8000 has been out of operation for two months and I can not understand where the problem is that there is no spare part in the 21st century when it costs so much money. I do not like these services and I would not like to go to another brand just because Denon has no replacement parts, thank you for the answer, Dj Shimmy


I know where to buy them in Italy! but already I put the link and I was banned from the forum!


I don’t know what happened previously - but that post shouldn’t be a bannable offense.

Feel free to share the information, but keep in mind two things:

  • Service centers may choose to not work with the part because it didn’t come directly from Denon.
  • Opening and or modifying a product yourself will void the warranty.


Hello Veleno, please can I ask you for the Italian link? Thank you very much. My email is


Veleno can just post the link. Putting your email out on a public messageboard is a recipe for getting a never ending supply of spam.


@AIRVince: I think I just answered to the same question in another post. Might want to join them into one item.


Please can you help me with Italian link mail