SoundSwitch, TouchOSC and Prime

Looking for advice, if possible…

I am setting up SoundSwitch and fell for the TouchOSC app - BUT SoundSwitch wont work with the Prime setup if the WiFi is on as far as I can tell, and TouchOSC needs a WiFi connection to the Mac.

Is it just me that have misunderstood something or will the TouchOSC not work? (runs on a Android tablet)

As long as eveything is on the same network, wifi and/or wired it should all work fine

I cant get SoundSwitch to run in Performer mode as long as WiFi is turned on, on my macbook. And because of that, I cant connect my tablet to the same network as my macbook, as my macbook is “offline”.

Your best option might be to buy a cheap wifi router, set up a wifi netowrk on it, join the mac and tablet to it and plug the SC5000/Prime4 in to it. Thats probably the easiest way to get everything on the same network, plus its portable.

So your idea is:

  1. LAN cable from mixer to router
  2. LAN cable from macbook to router
  3. Connect tablet to wifi on that router

Do I understand you correctly?

Yeah or 2. could be wifi also

There may be a way to do this with some software on the Mac but I dont use one so couldnt tell you.

Like I said, SoundSwitch will not work when Wifi is activated on the macbook :pensive:


Did as you said… Found a old router at home, and hooked it up as described.

Works as a charm :muscle:

Thanks m8!

You can also use TouchOSC bridge via USB without the router. This is how I use it currently.

Ah ok :slightly_smiling_face: good to know in case the router stops working :pray: Thanks.