Soundswitch software

I have got the Soundswitch cable it downloaded the software but it won’t let me authorise it. This in return will not allow the software to open. Has anyone else had this issue with Soundswitch ?

Have you set up an iLok account?

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The steps to get it up and running are below. You can crosscheck if you gone trough the same process:

To claim the included 3 months:

  • Go to
  • select “I Only Need Software” as you have already purchased the Hardware.
  • select the “Pay Monthly” option and continue. Do not select the free trial if presented
  • Enter your email and an iLok User ID. If you do not have an iLok User ID simply enter your email address. Enter the Serial Number shown on the bottom of the packaging as AXXXXXXXXXXX ( NOTE: Do not enter the (21) shown at the start of the Serial Number)

After setup your account

Install & activate

  • Install Soundswitch (login on, downloads, download and install
  • activate Soundswitch by signing in using the login details provided when setting up your account on the website
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