SoundSwitch connect to 2x SC6000 + DJM900 Nexus

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect my setup with soundswitch?

2 SC6000 + DJM900 NXS.

in edit mode the lights work correctly when I do the test, but then when I go into performance mode they do nothing.

I have the DJM900 connected by midi.

and in configuration 2 players + mixer and the external mixer option activated.


did you map the mixer?

I believe so

thanks for the reply.

yes, the faders are mapped.

if I move them in the software they move everything correct.

but if I play a track on library engine configured by soundswitch, the lights don’t do anything.

If I enable the midi clock, it works but it only has the effect of bpm, it is useless to analyze the track with the software.


It looks like you have selected the wrong configuration.

As you only have 2 players, you should only be selecting the 2 Players + Mixer setup even if you are using all 4 layers.

The 4 Player + Mixer setting is used when you have four x SC6000

You best option for support is to contact

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Thanks Matthew,

I already tried the configuration with 2 and 4 players and the result is the same.

The only thing I did the photo was marking the 4 players.

OK will contact the support of sound switch

Thank you.