SoundCloud issue

When browsing sounds cloud ‘new and hot’ genre it used to populate more when you hit the bottom of the lists. Now without an update, firmware change or setting change it won’t populate more songs in that genre when you scroll to the bottom of the list in the view tab. This function went away in the middle of a session for seemingly no reason. This feature was extremely helpful when having a fun studio night and browsing genres for songs in key or bpm and discovering new songs. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this change or doesn’t have this issue. I’ve already logged out and in on soundcloud but might have to try to reinstall the latest update to fix this.

Update: I tried to go around this issue by searching up large playlists but it seems that they only load about 100 songs from that list and won’t query soundcloud for the rest of the playlist when you scroll to the bottom. An issue that is not present with tidal playlists and genres.