Sound Switch DMX cable

Dear members, Denon stuff, Happy New Year!!! I would like, if possible, to know from Denon staff members what is the story behind Sound switch dmx cable out of stock so many weeks now. As recently you add the dmx possibility to our controllers and as it is just a cable why it is out of stock? I don’t think that its for marketing reason in order to go and purchase Sound Control One. Do you know when it will be again available? Some shops say on April of 2022 other on August of 2022, We are talking about a cable…

Happy New Year Chris

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The popular cable you are referring to has a special chip inside it! Real engineering to control DMX is handled by this chip. Unfortunately the global shortage of chips has made production a challenge, so yes we are talking about a special cable, but it’s not just a cable. As to when, we can’t promise when we will be provided more chips by the supplier. In the meantime, we were able to produce release an alternative solution, with additional features on the Control One. This uses a different chip, but that as well, like just about everything is in short supply. Happy new year!

Thank you, So it has to do with chip availability. It’s clear, I’ll have to wait as the alternative solution is good but 260 euro more than the cable.


It would be preferrable if they just added support for the third party dongles to the embedded version.

That way, nobody is left waiting an unknown amount of time to get an official dongle before they can try out the feature, and SoundSwitch continue to get new subscribers to the desktop software.

I wouuld imagine that subscribers have dropped right off because nobody can get the supported dongles.

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Exactly. This could be another alternative to use other cables.

Hi can someone please tell me what cables i require and how i connect and run a lighting system through a denon prime go please…i am a denon prime virgin and still feeling my way around the system, and info and help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

Hello Douglas, You need 1. Soundswitch software, 2. Sound Switch micro DMX to USB cable or Soundswitch control one device.

Yes basically you need a cable that isn’t available

They are available and places have them in stock.

For example?

G4M Had it in stock last week,

What exactly is “it”?

The Micro DMX cable has an estimated availability of June at the moment.

It’s is the sound switch to dmx usb adaptor that the OP asked about. What else would it be?

They are now sold out, so looks like people worked it out and got the last few.

As the thread mentions, there is also the Control One interface - and as you initially said “they” are available, it wasn’t clear what you meant

(and they do claim to have the Control One in stock, although the delivery date makes me think otherwise).

So the item referred to that was out of stock, it was confusing to you, when I said there were in stock?

The other item that is in stock, and available, was mentioned as an alternative because (it) the dmx-usb was out of stock.

I’m struggling why you found that hard to understand.

I’m also struggling to understand why you’re struggling to understand the other item, (control 1) is available

For Saturday delivery…2 days after they say it’s in stock

The only common factor in the lack of understanding…is you?

Just to confirm there’s only the one item that the OP was strugging to get.

The Control one is available Monday from lots of places.


The USB-DMX interface was out of stock in a lot of places, but as I said earlier, g4m did have them in stock, as I got one for a mate that arrived, wednesday this week, ordered Monday this week.

You certainly are - struggling to get yourself out of the hole that you dug.

You initially didn’t say where you’d seen stock, then you didn’t say exactly what it was you’d seen in stock.

Then it comes to light that what you’d seen was last week, and now they’re gone. :man_shrugging:

Denon themselves posted that the chips used are in short supply, so obviously it follows that the hardware will also be in short supply.

Judging by the amount of posts here from people who can’t find stock, it’s clearly a genuine problem. Now I’m not spending my days checking retail sites. I’m just going by what Denon and various users have posted.

So like I said before you barged in, he needs a cable that isn’t available.

"So like I said before "

Nothing useful posted.

You’ve added nothing to the conversation, except showed you have problems reading posts.

Well done you.

First of all, you couldn’t even manage to work out which item was being referred to as being out of stock, despite then saying one is out of stock and one isn’t well done.

So everyone that read my post and went to Gear4music got a cable, you chose to be an arse and didn’t. Well done karma in action. I would post the order and a picture of the cable ordered just before I posted here, but you’re really not worth the effort, given you’ve got zero DJ skills to add to the forum, you’re not funny, plus you aren’t really adding any knowledge.

Well done on your contribution.

Well done on realising that hard to find items that are in stock will go out of stock.

What a shocker for you… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I have the cable in backorder at G4M since November … Expected delivery is August 22nd.

Im pretty sure G4M doesn’t have it.