Sound routing with X1850?

Hello guys,

I‘m really interessed in changing my riders to the Prime Series, used a NXS2 set till now (CDJs are gone). The only thing is, does the X1850 support sound routing with a sound utility tool like the DJM900nxs2 does? This is the only thing I really need, because I‘m recording my sets with and without mic and also streaming it to a radio station. Any ideas if this is possible with this mixer? Thanks alot!

It just goes directly into your laptop/PC and you pick it up in your audio utility.

yes, but unlike Pioneer it’s built into the mixer’s Utility menu.

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That sounds good. Can you also set mic and crossfader, like in the pioneer sound utility?

Idk the Pio one, Here you can set mic to master, booth and record out I think. Can double check if you need.

What I mean, by default the mic is not routed to booth for example.

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