Sound quality difference between sc5000 and Traktor

Hi, I am using 2 setups:

  1. 2x sc5000 and a Pioneer V10 without a computer
  2. 2x Traktor D2 and a Pioneer V10 with a computer

I noticed that when I use the first setup and playing on the same track, turn the gain/trim switch up a quarter so that the volume roughly corresponds to the second setup. And I also noticed that the sound quality is much better with the second setup.

I never noticed that before until the time I set up the second setup as a comparison.

Can someone help me and tell me the reason? My goal was actually to remove myself from a computer setup but the sound quality is so significant that I unfortunately prefer the second setup. I am totally confused…

For the difference with the gain output it’s because Denon have a -6db pad to prevent MP3 clipping with some bad mastering

Okay thanks that explains the volume but does that also explain the sound quality?

Have you tried both a analog and digital outputs ?

Yes I have tried both but with the same result. I love the features of the SC 5000 but if you compare the sound quality directly you will notice that it lacks breadth. It’s hard to describe, but it sounds like turning off the compressor.

Strange thing. The Denon devices are known to have slight problems with high frequency reproduction, but I have never noticed what you are describing - especially in comparison to Traktor, I always thought that Traktor sounded worse than my SC6000 (Traktor doesn’t necessarily have great sound either).

Do you have any effect open in Traktor? Is the SC5000 up to date with the latest updates? Could you possibly record a sound comparison?

I have the latest firmware on the sc5000. And there is no filter activated in Traktor.

Maybe there is a difference between the sc5000 and the sc6000? Or the V10 is the „problem“? In a few days a friend will bring his cdj 3000 to me. Maybe there is also a sound difference?!

I will try to get a sound sample to compare( Traktor/sc5000/cdj3000)

It’s pretty hard to compare ‘Traktor’ with other systems, as Traktor audio quality/signature depends a lot on soundcard - Internal V10 on your side I believe. I came from Traktor with Xone DB2, and I can’t say SC5000’s + DB2 sound better (or worse) than Traktor + DB2 on internal Soundcard. I personally don’t believe SC5000’ sounds any different than 6000’s; Both have some high freq roll off; CDJ3000’s too have some high freq issues like ‘hissing’ with key lock on; I believe those ‘issues’ with audio quality, both on Denon and 3000’s are due to the algorithms needed to allow on the fly key change/key sync.

It was similar for me. I came from DB4 + Traktor and switched to SC6000 + DB4. I liked the sound (SC6000) even better except for the high freq roll off (which I hardly hear anyway).


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Perhaps the V10 soundcard is so much better? I mean the V10 is a hell of a machine but - I could imagine that there might be a small difference in favour of the V10, but nothing more.

It will be interesting to hear what you have to say about the CDJ3000.

Use the Digital output on your Denons with Keylock disengaged at zero tempo and compare the two. I have a DJM900 and get better quality sound from SC5000’s than I do with Traktor. The V10 does have an amazing audio interface built in, though. So it’s prolly a bit better quality than my 900.

I am using the digital output and I also disengaged the key lock at zero tempo but it is still the same problem. It is like a missing a bit of mids and highs and the bass is not so vibrant. I know it is really difficult to describe.

Do you use the exactly same soundfiles in Traktor as well as in the SC6000 for comparison?

And could you compare the CDJ3000 meanwhile?