Sound problems of tracks


hallo I have a problem with my tracks sound using ds1 I put the firmware and he same think happened when I use the cards or controller and play the same track 320kbs no problem but with ds1 the sound is very bad please tell something to fix the problem


Hi, I’m not sure, i don’t use Serato but DJ Player on iOS without problems.

You are talking about DVS in Serato, i guess? It seems to be ‘normal’ you have to set up the DS1 (or many other cards) with the correct settings. That’s all i know from reading about problems with your description

If my guess is right, google for something like ‘setup DS1 for serrate dj’ and you’ll problaby get hits and guides…


If your levels sound very high and distorted make sure you have all the settings on the mixer etc on Line / CD not vinyl / phono mode


Did you get any further?

I just saw this in the ‘my product’ section at the denon site - the tutorial for DS1 / serato setup: