Sound of X1850 being blown out

Hi all

My Denon X1850 is connected to Traktor, but I only see the signal in input when I set the mixer channel to phono, not when I use a USB or DVS switch. The only way I can control the track with vinyl is in this mode, but the mixer channel only receives a timecode signal, not music. Also, I’ve got an Allen & Heath Xone43c and it works fine, but I’m selling it.

How do I connect the Denon correctly? Several posts say it works, but nobody tells me how to connect and set it up.


If you can tell us what computer you are using pls.

If you’re on a Mac

Phono is used for turntables. Line ins should be used with CDJs. Phono ins should not be used with CDJs. Phono is for turntables with low inputs. Lines are for high-level inputs, such as CDJs. When you plug CDJs to phono, you’re overdriving your mixer. To use digital ins, simply split the RCA jack and plug in the digital in/out. In general, ‘digital’ cables are just high-quality RCA cables.

You should test your microphone online to ensure that it is configured correctly and works properly.

Proper Digital cables are 75 Ohm with good shielding. Typical audio application RCA’s are not as that good shielded and don’t have 75 Ohm impedance. On the short distances between player and mixer in dj application there mostly is no problem using an audio RCA cables. But be sure to use good quality rca cables. Ones that come with Prime series do perfectly fine.