Sound Interference X1800 Mixer No response from Denon DJ

Sent through a technical support enquiry out and a customer help on this. The South African Denon DJ / In Music agent representative has been in touch with my retailer and as far as I am aware they have taken the mixer in to test out, but no response from the website help support team for over a month?

I have read many requests with no response from Denon DJ technical help staff :disappointed:. Are people waisting their time with after sales support? My products have been registered on the Denon DJ Website.

I am still in warranty and the mixer is basically new. I did not want to open up the mixer myself and fiddle around. What is the correct procedure here? I am worried the agent in South Africa opens up the mixer and it is not legitimately fixed and comes back with more problems. What then?

Please help guys. I have put the SC 6000s on back order to replace my SC5000s and love the Denon DJ set up but feeling very let down here by no one getting back to me :frowning:

Please watch the video. I see this has been an issue with many mixers and whether this is a grounding issue or not, it cannot be so sensitive. I never had this problem with my Pioneer mixers? Please help.

Hi @sheldz sorry to hear of the difficulty. The mixer requires service.

Please send me a PM with your contact details (full name, telephone, email, country) and I’ll have one of my colleagues from Technical Support reach out to get this sorted for you.

Thank you I will send you my details via private message.

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