Sorting tracks by multiple columns (ENGINE PRIME)

Hello Denon Community,

Not sure if this question/feature has already been addressed, so appreciate any insight…

Can “double/multiple sorting” be a feature added to Engine Prime?

I would love to have the ability to sort my crates with multiple columns, where currently we can only sort via 1 column type. for example, first sort by BPM, and THEN sort by KEY

Would also love to see this double sorting feature transfer over into the Prime series as well, when searching tracks via crates. (I currently own the Prime 2).

Stretch Goal: Would like to see this/or any type of sorting ability to be applied when using Streaming Services (Soundcloud, Tidal, Beatport Link).

Keep in mind, Serato already has this feature built and quite frankly this library feature is something I miss ever since swapping over to Denon.

Looking forward to open discussion and hopefully this feature can be added to the next software update!

Updates (01/29)

  1. I run the Engine Prime software off PC. Double sorting in Engine Prime software SOLVED! (hold down SHIFT while selecting multiple select columns)
  2. would like to see this sorting feature in specific crates while using my Prime 2
  3. would love to see this feature avaliable while streaming music from Soundcloud/Tidal while using my Prime 2.

Hi @Siowser, welcome to the forum.

What happens if you hold CTRL+click 2 or more columns in Engine Prime?

Hi Siowser,

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Maybe you should look here and watch this video.

He refers to Engine prime (on PC) not the console. And anyway, as they have already written (Reese) you can do this function with CTRL and press the new column.

Thanks DJ_Manis. Definitley didn’t know this was a feature in the Prime 2. Super handy.

However, this feature searches the entire USB Library instead of indivudual crates?

I guess I could add more filters to the search to get what im looking for.

Either way, appreciate the video and insight.

Also, found out that I just needed to hold SHIFT while selecting multiple columns in Engine Prime to get what I was lookign for. Thanks all!

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