Sorting playlists by order. How to stop it resetting when switching playlists?

I have multiple playlists. If I sort in order eg. ‘key’ and then switch to another playlist, the order is reset.

How can I keep the order as a specific option and stop if from resetting to default when switching inbetween playlists?

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I think the default order is the order they are added, on the Prime 2 you can order by key, BPM or other criteria when viewing a list.

Yes I understand that but I don’t want it to revert back to default. I play by ‘key’ and its counterintuitive to have to keep sorting by key everytime I switch through different playlists.

create a new playlist, sort existing list by key then add them in the order you want to the new playlist?

Use Crates instead of Playlists. Crates will power up on a default, but once changed (i.e. to Key) it will be remembered and you can switch unlimitedly between crates without changing the chosen sort order (so in your case it remains key).

Playlist are always designed to be played in specific play order. For more explanation read the post from the quote below:

Although you can sort playlist (now by updates), the base is still Play Order. Crates have the purpose you are looking for

I hit my head against this today too…

Back in my vinyl days I used to add vinyls in front of my crates, and remove some other less played vinyls from them to make place. But I did know exactly where to look for a record. For example: Tiga - Pleasure From The bass was in my 3rde crate from the left, in the rear 1/4th part of it. Back then I even knew which records preceded it.

I kept that workflow in Traktor, and remember in which part of the playlist is: top, bottom, middle. But on top of that, I began to sort by key or bpm to find more matching tracks. And sometimes I left the playlist that way while switching through playlists to find tracks (just like digging through the vinyl crate next to the other). Other times I sort on the fixed order again…

Now Denon aperrently has playlists and Crate: playlists have this fixed order I used for 25 years, crates remember their sorting order which I used for 15 years… But I can’t have both…

I want both! :smiley: In one kind of list I mean…