Sorting Option Issue

Hi There.

I am a proud owner of a pair of sc5000 prime players and i love the. I linked them with the “ethernet” cable provided with the players itself. the problem is: on the player where i actually connect my harddrive, which is also my engine prime library, there is only the option to sort by name/artist. On the other player, that actually gets the crates etc. via the link cable, all options to sort (key, name/artist etc.) are there. Any suggestions why this is happening?

Hi Rabbotzo,

Is it giving you two options to sort, name and artist?

Or is it just the song title option? << if it’s this, then you need to go into your preferences and find the “Show Only File Name” and select “Off”.

Thanks Alan, your suggestion worked just fine =)

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glad to help Rabbotzo :ok_hand: