Sorting by comments on the SC5000

Hey, I just bought a SC5000 player I’m that I’m planing on taking to gigs and use with the clubs setup to always have at least three players (might expand my Denon setup later). My question is this, is it possible to sort the playlists by comments I’ve used rekordbox for some time and I’ve got the camelot wheel in the comments on each track which I usually sort by on CDJs. If it’s not possible now will it come in a future update? I know you can do it in Engine Prime so I’m hoping there is or is plans to use the funktion in the player as well?

Hi @Brolin,

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Yes, this is coming in the next update (1.3.1) but you can already sort by the Key field in the current version. You can also choose Camelot as your preferred Key notation in the user Preferences.

Hope you’re enjoying the new gear!




Please tell me that the sort on Camelot keys works properly though (1-12) instead of (8-7)


Hi @JWiLL,

And when can we expect 1.3.1?


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