Sort by bpm in a playlist

I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious but I can see how you sort by BPM when in a playlist on the SC5000. If you click on the search icon you can click on the bpm icon but it only searches your entire library and not the playlist you were in. Any help would be gratefully received.

You should use crates instead of playlists. Your crates are collections of tracks arranged however you want (can be sorted in different ways). Your playlists are lists of tracks arranged in a specific order.

Yeah, thanks. I got that now after reading more up on Engine Prime software but this was a Rekordbox usb that was inserted and converted by the player. Finding so many awkward things that are just not intuitive with the software but will persevere.

Any Suggestions that you think may be important features or functions get them listed Here if you have not already :

I would love to see full traktor support or Engine Prime and on a DVS software level

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In utilities make sure you have metadata selected instead of file name and the BPM column and others will show up.