Sometimes can't edit the grid at SC5000m

Engine OS Device: SC 5000M

Beta Version: 1.6 public beta

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load a track that comes from a flash drive exported by EP v1.6 beta
  2. Press the button to edit the grid on the player
  3. Move the jogwheel or turn the knob to adjust the grid
  4. Press the adjustment functions on the screen.

Expected Result: Always be able to adjust the grid on track transients

Actual Result: Sometimes it is not possible to adjust because the grid is fixed without the possibility of moving

Reproducibility: the problem only random appears on some tracks.

Additional Notes: Tracks that have this problem in the player don’t show any editing problems in Engine Prime v1.6 beta

Link to Video Repro:

Sorry for my bad english :wink: :sweat_smile:

Absolutely the first thing you need to do is work out which tracks do it, and which tracks don’t - it categorically won’t be “random” - there will be something which is common to all the tracks which won’t allow beat grid move : maybe aiff won’t let you shift-grid but wav and mp3 will. Maybe it’s files over a certain size on the network linked deck but not on the deck where the drive is local. Maybe it’s layer related. But it won’t be random

All tracks are mp3 (320k). it does not matter if they are in the player where the flash drive is or in the network player. I don’t know if the problem exists in layer. And yes it is random because sometimes there is a problem during ‘’ session A ‘’, and then in ‘’ session B ‘’ this problem does not exist on the same track

As it’s all digital the issue cannot and will not be random.

Finding what the combination of things is which prevents you from moving the beat grid could be difficult. You might have intermittent Earth , so it won’t detect the platter being moved, which is an important detection maybe it’s something to do with what track was loaded before the problem showed, auto sync used, instant doubles used, quantize or other settings differing from one player to the other

None of this happened in previous versions. My playlists are the same, the file types are the same, all the settings remain … it seems to me only a problem with this beta version. let it be noted that in general terms I love this 1.6 beta version. This issue had never happened before. As to the fact that it is random , it happens to me this way :wink: but if you insist it’s not … OK, I accept :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think we already got this, so should be solved when released. Thanks all!