Some Tracks Shown 3 Times

Engine Prime (1.5.1) shows all my tracks once. Tick.

If I insert my SD card, most will appear twice. Not ideal but I know why. Tick.

However, some Tracks when SD is inserted, appear 3 times. I thought it was adding an extra one if said track just happened to be in a playlist (s) but it isn’t that because some playlist tracks appear twice.

Any idea why some Tracks are appearing 3 times? FWIW, out of the 3, two show as packed & the other not so. Very frustrating.


If in Engine Prime you select to see only the tracks contained within the remote drive (your SD), how many pairs of tracks do you see? One or two?

Yes, Engine Prime. It doesn’t matter if I click on the main Collection tab & search or on the SD Collection tab & search; I see the searched track 3 times (not all, most appear 2 times but I have several which appear 3 times).

In EP w/o SD inserted, all tracks appear once as they should. With SD inserted, I expect them to show up twice…but some are showing 3 times. Even if I wipe clean my SD & start from scratch (delete all/sync EP collection to SD/use my backup USB flash drive to re-add the playlists to my SD).

Try searching the SD card from your computer (not Engine Prime) for one of the problem tracks. If it’s on there twice, it’ll show.

Also, enable the ‘directory’ column in EP to check if the dupes are located in different places.

OK - will try that & report back. Cheers.

It would be strange though because as I said, I deleted everything on SD to start over & so how could there be duplicates?

Maybe cleaning the database can help, there is a special command in Engine Prime.

It seems I have some duplicates on my SD - and hence why some Tracks appear 3 times. The next question is how could that be - especially given I have deleted all from SD & just synced my EP collection which shows the tracks just once?

Could it be related to playlists? Given I create playlists on the P4 & these are saved to my SD on the unit, tracks are being duplicated on the SD. This is therefore less than ideal because it is creating a mess on the SD & using up unnecessary space.

What’s the location of these duplicates?

What’s your working method? Did you just import your music to EP directly from your internal HDD (rather than from DJ software) then sync, allowing EP to create the directories itself?

Started from scratch - so imported Serato collection.

When adding new music, I update serato collection from EP but choose not to update EP collection automatically. I can see the newly added tracks because they have no dot in the grid column. My cues are imported from serato as expected. I add loops & once done, I manually drag each new track direct into EP crate. I then sync to SD card. Previously, before sync manager, I dragged the new tracks (after added into EP) into the crates on the SD.