Some tracks... analyse every time

Hi all,

Anyone notice this… I’m running the latest prime and all tracks are analysed and gridded…but some tracks constantly re-analyse when I load them in the player… no matter how many times I select them all, redo the action…

It’s really annoying…does anyone notice this? I’ve put all these into a playlist…image below shows one being analysed…but all have grids?

I’m on Win10

How is the BPM analysed? Wrongly?

Is this with the last version of Engine Prime? If so, I have a theory: the tracks that keep analysing have a BPM ID tag that is far away from the analysed result from Engine Prime, and therefor they are analysed forever.

But that’s just a theory ;).

They could have corrupted ID tags or non standard tags

Are there any unusual characters in any field. Think i may have read something somewhere regarding this.


  1. Make a copy of one or a few of the tracks,

  2. strip the tags with Kid3 :link: KID3

  3. and/or Mp3 scan repair :link: MP3 SCAN + REPAIR

  4. Add to EP and see if the analysis sticks

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Thank you muf, I’ll report back

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