Some questions regarding the Prime 4


First of all I want to congratulate DenonDj for creating such a promising piece of DJ equipment. It looks awesome!

I have some questions regarding the Prime 4:

  1. From the videos I’ve seen over the internet, the “Zone Output” playback is controlled in the 4th channel of the P4. The 4th channel already have a High-Mid-Low equalizer knobs. Then, why would we need the High-Mid-Low dedicated knobs of the zone output? Can’t these be controlled using the 4th channel knobs? I don’t really understand why the dedicatedd knobs are there, am I missing something?

  2. Does the Prime 4 offer some kind of a “master clock” out signal through MIDI, so we can attach a groovebox and sync it to the playing tracks of the P4?

  3. My plan is to copy a bunch of MP3 files in a usb stick, and analyze them directly in the P4. If I don’t like some of the tracks in the usb stick, can I erase them in the pendrive, from the P4? On the other hand, if there are tracks that I like in the pendrive, and I would like to copy them into an attached SSD, would it be possible? (to copy files from the pendrive to the SSD within the P4?)

Cheers, ElTitoFranki.

Eq on zones is always a good idea as the other room may have different acoustics or night have speakers with different bass/high capabilities

On the prime 4 , according to other topics q&a , there’s no drive to drive copying features

Don’t know of a P4 - is that a Traktor control?

P4 = Prime 4 dohhhhhh

Really??? People too lazy to type an r, an i, an m and an e … ?

I use it all the time P4 and 8K

Yeah, but you can eq with the channel 4 eq knobs, why then the need of dedicated knobs?

Oh, that would be an awesome feature


Well if you’re just gonna argue :slight_smile:

Some people won’t be using zone/booth output the same way as everyone else - example/ so if you’re running main dance music out of main speakers and out of a slightly equalised zoned output too, and you like to build eq effects playing into your mix, you’ll still want to twist and turn the nipples off of the eq controls on any and all of the 4 channels

Being able to delete tracks permanently off of drives is probably a feature left for home use rather than in the heat and momentum of a performance so the track you thought that you were about to throw into the prep folder, disappears for the rest of the night until you can get home and re-load it to the drive.

I’m guessing that deleting files would also mean adjusting and reaching the database - also not something that’s ideal at a gig

Not on the 4 channels, only on 3 of them. The 4th channel is directed to the zone output, so it doesn’t affect to my mix in the main room. I still don’t understand why do we need dedicated eq knobs for the zone output, if we already have the channel 4 eq knobs.

Yeah, but a lot of people who is considering to buy the Prime 4 are home users. The device HAS the capability of doing so. In my opinion, an ideal solution is to keep access (read and write permissions) to all the data to the home user, with the option that he can password-protect it whenever the Prime 4 is shared at a gig with other djs.

You don’t have to assign channel 4 to the Zone output, by default it can be used as a separate Master output to a different room.

Some of us use the booth out as one of the main outputs.

On the Bose F1 system I have and use with the MCX8000 I use the master out for the subs and the booth out (with EQ) for the tops. It means with the combination of separate output levels and the EQ I can achieve a perfect sound every time without external processing.

Ok, now it makes sense then. So currently I have the answer to my first question. Thanks for your responses to all of you! Anybody has some answers the other questions?

I don’t know if the channel4 needs to be open or closed when zone out is active. If the EQ of channel4 is post fader than an EQ on that zone output is logical.

Apart from that, I presume that zone out is active as a extra master signal if channel4 is used normally. Then EQ is also welcome, like @Jetsound stated.

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I can’t see the point if channel 4 has its own EQ and channel 4 is used for the Zone out why would you need an EQ on the Zone out. Surely your double EQing channel 4

The MC6000 and MCX8000 both have EQ on the booth out, so yes you can EQ the individual channel and the booth output if you want.

Where it comes in handy is if you are on someone else’s system that isn’t very good, you can use the EQ on the booth out to cut or boost the entire output signal including the mic.

It’s a brilliant feature.

The EQ near the button is the closest to the hand, and it can be adjusted directly, which is much more convenient.

Hey Guys,

Here’s the answers you’re looking for.

  1. When Zone Assign is active, channel 4 mixer controls are bypassed (inactive). This is because the audio is routed via hard switch internally direct to the Zone Output. All Zone Output audio is controlled independently via Zone Level and 2-band EQ.

  2. Prime 4 does not send MIDI clock information over USB but we have plans to sync up with outbound hardware via an alternative protocol as a future update.

  3. At launch, it will not be possible to transfer music between sources. However, this has been a highly requested feature and we are looking into the possibility to bring this in the future.

The beautiful thing about our Prime Series products, is that they have been designed in a way that allows us (with your help) to build on the already feature packed systems.

Thank you for the feedback, and keep it coming!


Quick question, So according to your Facebook Q&A a sampler might be coming to the Prime 4 in a future update…would this be possible for the SC5000M’s too?

Many thanks @JWiLL for this information :slight_smile:

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Has the midi clock out via usb been implemented on the Prime 4 system yet?

MIDI clock via was never mentioned as something we intend to do. It is actually not possible to send MIDI over USB while PRIME 4 is in standalone mode.