Some of my tracks are failing to analyse in Engine Prime

Some of the tracks I have imported do not have a white dot beside ‘Grid’ column.

In reality this means that each time I load it reanalyses the track. Moreover I’ve noticed that this set of tracks is the one where the bpm is often wrong.

Anyone else having similar problems? Any remedy?


What’s the size of your DB?

Fat 32 and I’m only copying over 250 tracks to start.

do you have engine prime 1.3.3?

i know with older versions sometimes the grid icon doesn’t appear on the GUI.

if your Engine Prime is the uptodate version, you may want to consider a clean database.

Back up your old Engine Library on your main collection drive (internal drive and external)

Prime is up to date. And I’m simply moving stuff from ITunes to Prime. I’m perplexed.

We are getting an update on EP. hopefully that’s going to iron out most of the issues we having