Some love for our Prime system

We had an entire Rane (an Inmusic company also btw) 12/72 setup we just sold a guy and we set it up in the store (begging never hurts) and I can’t say it enough. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL! And those platters FEEL great!! BUT… BUT …

I love my Prime setup WAY MORE! I wasn’t totally sure I’d feel that way. I was scared. Drooling. Heart racing. But then, it happened. I REALLY appreciated everything my Prime system CAN do and brings to the table.

We have SUCH an amazing setup and I just had to share my moment (it was a nice moment haha) of feeling content and grateful. : )


You can tell things are going well now for the prime series when most of the squabbling is happening in the feature requests section. LOL.

Great job DenonDj and to all it’s staff. Also to those who volunteer their time here on the forums


Thank you @Djscottyb - your comments are much appreciated!

This forum also seems better managed than the Rane forum and there’s better support and improvement efforts going on. Rane seems neglected as a brand by InMusic, IMO. I’ve spent quite a lot of time over on that forum just trying to flag spam, and bug reports and feature requests go unnoticed, it seems.