[SOLVED] SC5000M Serious tempo playback problem


I bought two SC5000M DJ players, one of which is faulty. The faulty player has the serial number (21)A1190…161. The working player has the (21)A1180…239.

The older player (21)A1180…239 works fine. The newer player (21)A1190…161 seems to have either an error with the engine control or with the time processing.


I’ve prepared two USB flash drives with Engine Prime for which I find the title Dot Allison - Substance (Felix Da Housecat Remix).mp3. The title is 125 BPM fast and chimes 7:52 min. On the player (21)A1190…161 the title plays at 0% pitch but only with 62.5 BPM and ends after 15:44 min. The title only runs at natural speed if I set the pitch range to 100% and the pitch to 100%. Even with this problem alone, the player is unusable. The second problem with the player (21)A1190…161 is that tracks that are now played with 100% pitch sound strangely distorted.

I have tried the following connection types: Player (21)A1190…161 connected to X1800 Prime via Digital Output Player (21)A1190…161 connected to X1800 Prime via Link and Digitial Output Player (21)A1190…161 connected to X1800 Prime via Link and Line Output

I have used the following sources: Player (21)A1190…161 USB 1 (front) Player (21)A1190…161 USB 2 (back) Player (21)A1190…161 USB 3 (back) Player (21)A1190…161 USB 1 (Player (21)A1180…239 front)

I also tried if the player (21)A1190…161 without Aluminum Platter and Spindle Lock Adapter shows the same behavior; unfortunately.

Sporadically the player (21)A1190…161 seems to set to native playback speed until touched, but the played tracks still sound strangely distorted.

Thanks in advance.


Curious on your outcome from Denon. Sounds odd but are the usb sticks the same?

Hi, Same model yes. But the USB flash drive isn’t the issue. I also tried a SD card in the meantime directly used on the right hand player or linked from left hand player.

Please try the latest firmware update: https://www.denondj.com/downloads

We significantly improved motor firmware. Let us know how you make out. Thanks!

The media player has been replaced, problem solved.

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