[Solved] SC5000 player 1 or player 2?


This is not an important topic, it’s just a curiosity that i have.

I have a couple of SC5000’s connected to an X1800 (among many other equipment connected to the X1800). They are placed inside a small furniture box, so for me it’s quite hard to connect cables to the back of the X1800, I prefer to do it as little as possible. Until a few days ago, I always used the same setup, and I had my collection in a pendrive connected to the back of one SC5000 player, on the right (which was labeled as “player 1”).

A few days ago, I had to change the setup (disconnecting all the cables, removing the equipment from the box, putting it in again and connecting the cables again), and now, when I turn on the players, the player on the left says “player 1”, and the player on the right says “player2”. Since I have the pendrive connected to the player on the right, it is not recognized unless I remove it and put it again on the usb port. Only then, it is recognized. But it’s not nice to remove and reconnect the pendrive each time I want to play. An alternative is to connect the pendrive to the player on the left (player 1), in this situation it gets recognized just by turning on the player. However, I have all the usb ports in the player on the left occupied.

Is there the possibility to set “player 1” as the player on the right, without disconnecting cables? I tried to do it in the Utility Menu, but this setting resets after each reboot. I mean, I can set the player on the right as “player 1” and the player on the left as “player 2” in the Utility, but if I turn it off and on again, the player on the right says “player 2” again :frowning:

I hope I explained myself properly, I still have to improve my english.

Cheers, ElTitoFranki

Perhaps the easiest option is to swap units left-right…however I think that would not work either.

The network cabling kinda dictates the player number. So check that!

  • What’s your channel fader layout?
  • On which faders should layer A of both be?
  • How did you connect the ethernet of the players and to which port on the X1800?

When you press OFF and press+hold ON on the Engine Connect button on the X1800, you should eventually see the right info.

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I think you are right here!

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Also, you should simply be able to place a USB drive in player2 and see that after boot. No re-seat should be necessary for that. I have no problems in doing it that way.

I just checked the ethernet connections, you were right!

I tried with another pendrive with no problems, my original pendrive was somehow faulty.

Now everything works correctly as expected. Many thanks @Reese!

Okay good to hear and glad to be of help!

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