[SOLVED] Prime 4 and Rekordbox

Hi All,

I have just placed a pre order for a prime 4 and I am looking to get my Rekordbox library of 40k songs ready.

I want to make sure my histories are kept (even if just as playlists) and all hot cues, loops etc, I understand and am happy for the beat grids to be reanalysed.

I am going to used the internal SSD on the Prime 4, my question is, how do I get my Rekordbox library imported to the internal Prime 4 SSD?

The only way I can see to do it properly would be to use DeCU to get the full library running in prime on the laptop, this would then be connected to the Prime 4 via USB and will sync the Songs/Library over to the SSD?

Is this really the only way as I dont have a Mac to run DeCU?

Hey there j141, let me try to answer some of those questions for you! To alleviate your general concern for you Rekordbox library, I can tell you that your playlists, hot cues and loops will transfer over once you start using PRIME gear! Each song’s beat grid will be analyzed individually as you play them on PRIME 4, but you can save yourself the trouble and analyze your whole collection via Engine PRIME without even importing into the software library. As for getting songs onto the SDD you plan on putting into the SATA bay, you will need your songs to live in the Engine PRIME software database, to export your library onto the SATA bay drive.


Thank you. I dont understand how i get the songs in to prime with my hot cue, loops etc

Do i need to export my whole library from rekordbox to a usb drive then plug this in to the prime 4 to get them logged in to engine prime on my laptop?

That’s great news - the less we have to risk using decu or any other software, except engine prime , then the better.

I’m sure that new things will eventually get added to engine Primes capabilities. Some of those could mean changes to the very structure of the databases - meaning that Software not created by denon is just going to be out of step after any and every firmware update

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I guess noone knows?, IMHO the Engine Prime software really lets the hardware down in the Prime range, no easy Recordbox to Prime migration is a real let down especially with all the change your rider stuff. I think I will be cancelling my pre order.

As of now, importing your Rekordbox tracks into Engine PRIME will not import Hot Cues/Loops/Playlists; this functionality is only available when plugging your Rekordbox prepped drive into the PRIME 4. We understand how important importing your Rekordbox tracks into Engine PRIME with all that info is and trust me, we are working on a solution.

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It is a little difficult for us as consumers to be sure of what we should relate to …

First, Nekoro says that Prime will import Rekordbox hotcues, loops etc … then he says that Prime 4 does not.

Now comes a video (3 days ago) where at 1:28 one hears that Prime 4 imports these things (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bb8wGdTFt_Q)

What to expect?

Exactly, the whole situation in bizarre, the decks themselves will read and import Rekordbox USB’s but their desktop software wont, it makes no sense. I suspect their is something else going on here because engine prime has been out a while and it still does not have these features.

Hey Guys,

To clarify, all Prime hardware (including Prime 4) will read/import Rekordbox collections natively. This will allow you to quickly jump on the Prime hardware using your current Rekordbox media device.

You can then, take the converted media device to your computer and use Engine Prime to see the playlists and fully analyze all of the tracks.

Currently, it is not possible to import (or transfer) those converted playlists from the media device to the internal collection.

We understand DJ’s use various applications/hardware to manage and play their music depending on the requirements of the event. That is why we support 3rd party libraries from within Engine Prime.

That said, we are looking to improve the Rekordbox process/workflow in the future.

As always, thank you for your feedback! We are listening :slight_smile:

Thanks JWill :slight_smile:

I hope this works with my 40k song library

Are there any step by step instructions on how to do Import My Recordbox Collection Into Prime? Do I need the unit to begin doing this. The Prime 4 delivery has been pushed back would be nice to get started…

From what I can tell you need to export your whole collection from rekordbox to a USB then plug this in to the Prime4, this will then import them and create a Prime Engine DB on the USB which you can then plug back in to a laptop running Prime and read the database and possibly import it.

It seems a bit of a faf if that is the only way, it would be much easier if Engine Prime could just import or convert a Rekordbox DB running on the same laptop.

I think the issue I have is they expect you to be using Rekordbox USB’s which I do not, I select a song in Rekordbox on the laptop and drag it to a deck via the pPro DJ link so in my workflow I never have any Rekordbox USB’s as such.

You absolutely can start the import process without PRIME 4. You can do so by adding your music collection to the Engine PRIME music manager software on your computer. However, when you do this, your Rekordbox Hot Cues, Loops, and Playlists will NOT import. You are essentially creating a new library from scratch.

Are there any plans to add rekordbox import to the pc software

That’s a great suggestion; having the ability to add your Rekordbox library to Engine PRIME. We are looking to improve the Rekordbox process/workflow for users in the future. Thank you for your feedback!

It’s a great news ! improve too for the integration with SC5000/Prime 4 with Rekordbox USB Key ?

We are constantly improving on the functions that are already possible with SC5000/M & PRIME 4!

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Hey Guys,

Just to follow up on this. We have a complete step by step video outlining this process.

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